About Us

Ferma is delicious, fresh, and healthy products from farmers’ gates right to your door. At our farms you will find only organic products grown using stoop labor in ecologically clean environment. We found best farmers in areas 300 km away from Moscow. We work only with those who never use chemicals or growth-promoting hormones and their products are wonderful per se. You will make sure they are as you find them carefully delivered to your door.

Why Buy From Us

We really are a farming store and not just a facility for private traders. We deliver food in vans equipped with special coolers and refrigerators with constant temperatures at 0-5 degrees. This guarantees freshness of your order.

We do not work just with those farmers who have no difficulty delivering to us. We are in charge of logistics and that allows us to work with the best and not with those who have a problem selling their goods.
Our food is always fresh and delivered to you in no longer than 24 hours. We do not store it at any food storages, we do not freeze it and we deliver on time.

Why Not Buy in Supermarket

It is impossible to find fresh products at supermarkets as they are perishable and hence time-sensitive.
Especially for supermarkets plant selection breeders produced new cultivars. They can live on store shelves in a good condition for a very long time but they lack flavor and taste.

Why Not From ‘Babushkas’ on Your Way to the Country-Side

We do know that cases when a babushka sells 50 liters of milk per day from ONE cow are not rare.

Everything you order from us is delicious!