Usually in this recipe is added flour, but we decided to us semolina. (its a type of porridge). Semolina takes in most of the moisture and makes them better stick together, than when using flour. The pancakes come out puffy and very tasty.


500gr of fatty cottage cheese

2 pullet eggs

3 table spoons of sugar (to your taste)

3 table spoons of semolina

1/2 teaspoons of salt (to your taste)

A little bit of of rough grounded whole wheat flour for coating

Home made sun flour oil



Mix together cottage cheese and pullet eggs. Add salt and sugar to your taste. Add semolina and mix everything together. The batter looks like sugar cookie batter.


Put some flour on a cutting board or a table roll out  table spoon size balls. Press on them lightly with your hand making pancakes less than 2cm thick.


Heat up the sun flour oil on a pan and place the pancakes 2-3mm apart and cook them until they the are golden. While cooking, put a lid on the pan, this makes the pancakes puffy.


Serve them with quince jam. Have a good and healthy meal!

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