FERMA Groceries

In November Ferma is happy to offer you new products:


- wheat, rye, maize coarse flour

- oat, wheat, barley milk, flax-seed porridge

- whole grain vermicelli and macaroni

Today we cooked coarse flour tortillas and ate them with chicken broth vermicelli. It was incredibly tasty.


Here’s tortilla recipe:


Tortilla, or tortillas – Mexican maize bread, a dish of Mexican Indians and the very basics of Mexican cuisine.


To cook it you will need 100g of coarse grain wheat flour and 100g of maize flour.


Sift 2 types of flour, add some salt and water (about half a glass). Mix until even, the dough is to be bucky. Cut with into 12 parts with a knife.


Roll our each part between two oily cooking sheets. The diameter is about 15 cm. Heat the pan with a bit of cooking butter, take one cooking sheet off, turn the tortilla upside down and bake for 2 minutes, then take the second cooking sheet off and bake for another 2 minutes.


That’s it: a pile of tortillas with dry baking sheets in between.


Bon appetit!


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