Usually in this recipe is added flour, but we decided to us semolina. (its a type of porridge). Semolina takes in most of the moisture and makes them better stick together, than when using flour. The pancakes come out puffy and very tasty.


500gr of fatty cottage cheese

2 pullet eggs

3 table spoons of sugar (to your taste)

3 table spoons of semolina

1/2 teaspoons of salt (to your taste)

A little bit of of rough grounded whole wheat flour for coating

Home made sun flour oil



Mix together cottage cheese and pullet eggs. Add salt and sugar to your taste. Add semolina and mix everything together. The batter looks like sugar cookie batter.


Put some flour on a cutting board or a table roll out  table spoon size balls. Press on them lightly with your hand making pancakes less than 2cm thick.


Heat up the sun flour oil on a pan and place the pancakes 2-3mm apart and cook them until they the are golden. While cooking, put a lid on the pan, this makes the pancakes puffy.


Serve them with quince jam. Have a good and healthy meal!

Herbal Tea





In our friday orders we are giving a sample of herbal tea which was collected in the forests and fields in republic of Mari-El this summer. Enjoy your tea party!


FERMA AT HOME wishes you happy holidays!

FERMA AT HOME wishes you happy holidays!
On December 30, we will try to do our best to deliver everything in time
for the New Year party to make your celebrations not only tasty but also
We’ve celebrated our  1st anniversary this year (on December 10)!  And we
would like to apologize for the mistakes we’ve made.
Next year we’re going to improve the quality of our services and  our
product range.
A variety of healthy and delicious goods are waiting for you!
Have fun and see you next year!

Yours, Ferma.

Ferma – Japan

One of our most loyal customers Kiyo invited her friends to the party. She cooked fantastic dishes using Ferma products.

Welcome to the Christmas market

On Saturday, December 10 from 12.00 till 15.00 P’titCREF & Ferma is inviting everyone to a Christmas market. Original wooden toys, yummy home-made cookies, real farm products, children’s books, Christmas souvenirs and, of course, entertainment for your children, including face painting and a cooking master-class. A warm and friendly atmosphere is guaranteed for the whole family. Free entrance.

The market will take place at P’titCREF’s Gym hall in the back yeard of Bolshoy Afanasievskiy 41.




FERMA Groceries

In November Ferma is happy to offer you new products:


- wheat, rye, maize coarse flour

- oat, wheat, barley milk, flax-seed porridge

- whole grain vermicelli and macaroni

Today we cooked coarse flour tortillas and ate them with chicken broth vermicelli. It was incredibly tasty.


Here’s tortilla recipe:


Tortilla, or tortillas – Mexican maize bread, a dish of Mexican Indians and the very basics of Mexican cuisine.


To cook it you will need 100g of coarse grain wheat flour and 100g of maize flour.


Sift 2 types of flour, add some salt and water (about half a glass). Mix until even, the dough is to be bucky. Cut with into 12 parts with a knife.


Roll our each part between two oily cooking sheets. The diameter is about 15 cm. Heat the pan with a bit of cooking butter, take one cooking sheet off, turn the tortilla upside down and bake for 2 minutes, then take the second cooking sheet off and bake for another 2 minutes.


That’s it: a pile of tortillas with dry baking sheets in between.


Bon appetit!


Please, make your orders beforehand.







Please (we kindly ask you to), make your orders beforehand, not less than 48 hours before your delivery, especially when it comes to dairy and meat. Everything will be fantastically fresh and delivered straight to your door in time.

Culinary Festival at Solyanka

This Sunday was a culinary day for children at Solyanka club.
We cooked pumpkin porridge together.

You need: 3 pumpkins, 300 gr of millet, 900 gr of cream, salt, sugar.

1. Cut the pumpkin into 2 parts. Take the seeds and the pulp out the first
part with a spoon. Peel the second part and cut into junks.
2. Boil pumpkin chops and millet for 20-25 minutes. Add salt and sugar.
3. Put the porridge into blender and mix it with cream.
4. Put the outcome into pumkins and bake for 40 minutes.

There was nothing left!

Dear customers!

Dear customers,

Please, note that sometimes we won’t be able to deliver some items you ordered due to the reasons beyond our control.
There might be several reasons for that. For example, some birds do not lay eggs at a particular period of time. Some milk products do not pass regular tests right before delivery (milk products are very sensitive to a lot of factors. They are prepared the day before delivery and checked up in the morning. If something, for example, fermentation process, goes wrong, we will not sell them).

Thank you for understanding.


Pay by credit card!

Very soon you will be able to pay for your Ferma at home food by credit cards. We’re trying to do our best to make it easier for you to enjoy  taste of lifecr.

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