Dear customers!

Dear customers,

Please, note that sometimes we won’t be able to deliver some items you ordered due to the reasons beyond our control.
There might be several reasons for that. For example, some birds do not lay eggs at a particular period of time. Some milk products do not pass regular tests right before delivery (milk products are very sensitive to a lot of factors. They are prepared the day before delivery and checked up in the morning. If something, for example, fermentation process, goes wrong, we will not sell them).

Thank you for understanding.


Pay by credit card!

Very soon you will be able to pay for your Ferma at home food by credit cards. We’re trying to do our best to make it easier for you to enjoy  taste of lifecr.

Home made adjika sauce

Last week everyone who made an order could enjoy our home-made adjika sauce that we provided in a test bag for you. And we hope you liked it.



This adjika sauce was cooked for you by a charming moscovite of Georgian origins.

And here’s the letter she wrote willing to cooperate with us:

‘It’s very importnt to be proud of something is your life. Pesonally I am very proud of my Georgian family. Very often we get together at the table during family events and celebrations. That’s the time when our house is full of buzzing: we argue, we share our happy and sad moments with each other, and of course we share delicious food. Food for us is not just a way to fight hunger but it’s a ritual and art. When the season of fruit and vegetables comes, we are ready. Thanks to the knowledge of our gramdmothers and mothers, we learned how to save important minerals and vitamins while preserving food. And, of course, save incredible taste! As it is very important that food brings us not only energy but also pleasure.

Here is our main principle. Nothing complicated. It is what it’s supposed to be: simplicity, taste, and high quality’.

Ingredients: tomatoes, garlic, coriander leaves, spices.
Herborization area: Vladimirskaya region, private farm.

You can order Adjika sauce and choose desired taste: spicy, less spicy.

Orlov Dried Apple Rings

Step by step

1. Core your apple. Leave the skin on.
2. Thinly slice your apple, a touch less than 1cm thick. Dip the apple rings in a bowl of lightly salted        water.
3. String them on the cleaned wooden stick. Make sure you leave a bit of space between each apple ring.
4. Tie the ends of the stick with box string.
5. Hang it from a light fixture, cupboard door handles or anywhere high and dry.
6. Let the apple rings dry for 4-5 days.
Give them a little rinse before eating. Pat dry and pack up for a healthy slice of autumn.

For those of you who LOVE meat

For those of you who LOVE meat ‘Cuisine in details’ school will be happy to offer a special class with a famous chef

You will learn how to cook steaks the right way. The class will take place in October.

We will let you know about the exact date in advance.

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