FERMA Groceries

In November Ferma is happy to offer you new products:


- wheat, rye, maize coarse flour

- oat, wheat, barley milk, flax-seed porridge

- whole grain vermicelli and macaroni

Today we cooked coarse flour tortillas and ate them with chicken broth vermicelli. It was incredibly tasty.


Here’s tortilla recipe:


Tortilla, or tortillas – Mexican maize bread, a dish of Mexican Indians and the very basics of Mexican cuisine.


To cook it you will need 100g of coarse grain wheat flour and 100g of maize flour.


Sift 2 types of flour, add some salt and water (about half a glass). Mix until even, the dough is to be bucky. Cut with into 12 parts with a knife.


Roll our each part between two oily cooking sheets. The diameter is about 15 cm. Heat the pan with a bit of cooking butter, take one cooking sheet off, turn the tortilla upside down and bake for 2 minutes, then take the second cooking sheet off and bake for another 2 minutes.


That’s it: a pile of tortillas with dry baking sheets in between.


Bon appetit!


Please, make your orders beforehand.







Please (we kindly ask you to), make your orders beforehand, not less than 48 hours before your delivery, especially when it comes to dairy and meat. Everything will be fantastically fresh and delivered straight to your door in time.

Culinary Festival at Solyanka

This Sunday was a culinary day for children at Solyanka club.
We cooked pumpkin porridge together.

You need: 3 pumpkins, 300 gr of millet, 900 gr of cream, salt, sugar.

1. Cut the pumpkin into 2 parts. Take the seeds and the pulp out the first
part with a spoon. Peel the second part and cut into junks.
2. Boil pumpkin chops and millet for 20-25 minutes. Add salt and sugar.
3. Put the porridge into blender and mix it with cream.
4. Put the outcome into pumkins and bake for 40 minutes.

There was nothing left!

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